Putting faces to names

Putting faces to names.

In 2010 we were like so many others wondering what the future held for us. We listened to the news and felt the anxiety of all the uncertainty. We were sick of hearing the words "bailout" and "recession". To try and lighten the weight of the world and attempt to relax we would visit area art festivals and craft fairs. Being artists ourselves we would get quite a charge from seeing all the cool works and talking with the creators about the creative process. No matter what event we attended it was always such a great atmosphere we thought "where do all these talented people sell after this show is over?" and "some one should bottle this vibe and offer it to the public consistently!" After a lot of conversation and searching the web for businesses like the one we had in our head we decided to move forward and do it ourselves. The Rust Belt Market was born. One of the most unique retail models in the country.

The photo above was taken in 1873. We have a combined 250 years experience in retail.