Apply To Be a Rust Belt Merchant


Some things are better in real life. The Rust Belt Market goes beyond the typical stand-alone storefront and offers creative minds a homebase. Many of our merchants operate successful online shops, participate in seasonal festivals, wholesale their merch, and benefit from having a consistent (small yet effective) brick & mortar. Our shop spaces are affordable with far less overhead costs than a typical lease but have all the benefits of being on main street. Ferndale is a walkable, discerning little city and a hub of outside-of-the-box thinkers. Its residents are engaged with local businesses and radiate a cool that attracts day-trippers and world-travelers alike. The market environment allows patrons to slow down and enjoy the good things in life--family, craft beer, and connecting with innovative people like yourself. Sometimes online retail can feel like an echo-chamber but having a shop at The Rust Belt can help fill that vacuum with valuable face-to-face feedback in realtime. Get your goods in front of customers who may have never discovered you otherwise. Our weekend destination is not a light commitment but can help grow your company if you aspire for more and rise up to the challenge.  

A Few Things First

The Rust Belt Market is home to independently-owned, creative-based small businesses. Work is juried on process, quality, artistic merit, design, and merchandising. We strive to foster an environment of growth and evolution within a competitive yet welcoming, driven community of small business owners. As we are seeking well-rounded companies to feature, The Rust Belt is not a platform for hobbyists. We do not reply to applications without any online presence (website, etsy shop, facebook page, instagram, and/or blog, etc) and do not review work in person. Furthermore, we aim to maintain a balanced mix of merchandise for our patrons to enjoy; applicants may be denied or waitlisted due to market saturation of a particular medium, genre, or design trend. If your business aligns with the market's core values and vision, you will receive a response to your application within a few business days.

Our Pop-Up Shop

We currently offer one move-in-ready pop-up space for shorter-term stays: minimum one weekend commitment / maximum four consecutive weekends. If you'd like to "test the market," as they say, before considering a longer-term lease or simply drop in for a weekend, kindly submit an application for review.

Availability is limited.

Pop-Up Shop Rate

130 square feet for $200 per Weekend (FRI - SUN)

Increased Holiday Rates: 11/29/19 - 12/24/19

Always accepting applications

Long(er)-Term Shop Rates

$1.54 per square foot per Weekend (FRI - SUN)

24 consecutive weekend contract required

Always accepting applications

2019 Holiday Market Rates


Within our event space: December 13th - 24th

9X9' Space: $1,080

Split Booth Fee: $120, subject to approval

Table Rental: 8’ Banquet, $10 each

Chair Rental: Wooden Folding, $4 each

Accepting Applications: 9/25/19 - 10/25/19

Approval/Denial Notifications: by 11/01/19

The Rust Belt Market, LLC. Established 2011