Live music? Yeah, we've got that.

Looking for the best and the brightest local musicians? The bands or acts we have at the market will not leave your ears ringing. Good conversation is necessary to get the most out of your experience at the market. The live music won't interfere with this. We do have party nights or events once in a while when we allow the volume to go up!

Looking for the latest events? Check out our calendar.

Why play the Rust Belt?

Live music in the center of 15,000 square feet of very unique retail experience you must see, hear and feel to appreciate. We are a very new business, so we're not a paying venue as of yet, but if you treat us right, we will never forget it. All performers have the option of selling merchandise pre- and post-performance and we promote the market - and our live music - through traditional and social media. Integrity is what we have most.

Interested in playing? Drop us a line.